hey guys. i just got out of a long term relationship and i feel like i’m dying. why is it that i feel this bad for leaving when he’s the one who messed up? does that guilt go away? how many more chances can i give him? how can i move on? any tips would be great because it feels like deep despair.

2022.01.18 13:09 stressedangel hey guys. i just got out of a long term relationship and i feel like i’m dying. why is it that i feel this bad for leaving when he’s the one who messed up? does that guilt go away? how many more chances can i give him? how can i move on? any tips would be great because it feels like deep despair.

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2022.01.18 13:09 Yogurtsamples Retest for Greece domestic flight?

Flying in from the states in about a month and I know about the PLF, vaccine, and testing requirements when flying internationally. We have a flight from Athens to Santorini and there’s a spot to upload Covid documentation but is that just the PLF form or do I need yet another test?
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2022.01.18 13:09 doubleupxx So Bambam knows when GOT7’s coming back but can’t say it?!

Bambam had his showcase for his album that dropped earlier and while talking to the interviewer, he confirmed there is a plan for a GOT7 comeback.
I’m glad nobody in the group knows how to keep a secret because they have been spilling more and more every time we see them. Remember how they were acting during their group live? side glances every 2 seconds. I’m more happy for the post-encore ahgases because they’ll finally experience a group album and the winning streak for pre-encore ahgases for still hanging onto 7 men’s words that they’ll have a comeback whether it was in a year or 5 years. I don’t expect it to be a normal comeback and maybe not even all the members will be present to promote it but all of their voices on an album is enough.
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2022.01.18 13:09 Narrow_Deal_7921 What is the opposite of torrid?

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2022.01.18 13:09 imlolnely Found 2 Bado in 10mins

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2022.01.18 13:09 LaZorsGD Built my very first custom tree!

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2022.01.18 13:09 randomnewvalplayer valorant sound

i have been playing a week or so now i’m around level 20. i went on valorant and my sound just didn’t work. i have updated my drivers and plugged my headset in multiple times and my settings are normal. i have even reinstalled valorant. my headset works for everything else except this. help please???
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2022.01.18 13:09 LIAMgamerguy88 My Friend told me to build a house incorporating red nether brick and birch, i tried rip

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2022.01.18 13:09 CreedParker I’m new to rapping, what do you think?

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2022.01.18 13:09 get_schwifty03 "It'S nOt InCeSt!!!"

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2022.01.18 13:09 synthmylife The "I can't believe it's not butter!" commercial I was in, I play the couch potato. I'm very happy how it turned out!

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2022.01.18 13:09 chinchouplush jarvis t-posing to assert gleeful dominance over two dalmatians in a trench-coat pretending to be a burnt orphan is all i need

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2022.01.18 13:09 xxkeprxx ci pans, suddenly the eggs stick! (not slidy egg post lol)

So my pans have been fine, I've had no issues cooking in them and didn't have an issue with my eggs sticking, I've changed nothing with how I clean them, but suddenly the damn eggs are sticking to the point I have to scrape them off (I tried to make an omelet and ended up rage scrambling it instead because it was sticking so badly) I think the only thing that's changed out of my routine is I have oat butter (by one of the margarine brands) that I'm using so maybe that's it? Anyways just wondering if anyone else had dealt with this as well or if there are some tips to try, I'll maybe try reseasoning or something but I thought the more you cook on them the better they're supposed to get. Thanks in advance to anyone with any thoughts lol
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2022.01.18 13:09 SituationLive4406 Esasy squeeze recent IPO $IMMX with great tech and holding up during volatility

Esasy squeeze recent IPO $IMMX with great tech and holding up during volatility IMMIX Biopharma (IMMX) Looks Like it has Plenty of Room to Grow its Value
Good day biotech investors,
Immix Biopharma, Inc. (NASDAQ: IMMX) is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company pioneering a novel class of Tissue-Specific Therapeutics (TSTx)TM targeting oncology and immuno-dysregulated diseases.
Current price $5.65/share (as of 10:00 am. EST 1-18-22)
After closing at $5.84/share in the Friday session, IMMX shares opened lower today at $5.55. The market indices are struggling this morning and we hope that will turn around. In the first 30 minutes of trading IMMX share are above the open but lag the prior sessions close.
IMMX is not the only development/clinical stage company with a novel platform for cancer treatment. I looked at a few of the others and came to two conclusions and maybe you will agree:
I think the IMMX SMARxT Platform has more potential.
IMMX has a lot of room to grow its value.
C4 Therapeutics (CCCC) MV $1.33B
Adaptimmune Therapeutics (ADAP) MV $515M
Immix Biopharma (IMMX) MV $44M
Biolata (BCAB) MV $465M
Upcoming event
An IMMX Investors Day Event, will be held on February 1, 2022, and the launch of an online Q&A platform for all shareholders to submit questions in advance. IMMX shareholders can submit and upload questions to be answered at the event. To submit questions, please visit https://immixbio.com/QA. The Q&A platform will remain open until 5:00pm ET on Thursday, January 20. The live webcast will be available on the Investor Relations website at https://immixbio.com/IR. Following the event, a replay of the event, as well as a transcript, will be available on the same website.
To me, hosting a Q&A session so soon after their IPO indicates a high level of confidence.
Stay tuned for my full report on IMMX coming tomorrow morning.
original report below
IMMX shares exploded two weeks ago and have maintained their higher pricing level. Why?
Good day everyone,
Immix Biopharma, Inc. (NASDAQ: IMMX) is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company pioneering a novel class of Tissue-Specific Therapeutics (TSTx)TM targeting oncology and immuno-dysregulated diseases.
Current price $5.84/share (as of market close 1-14-22)
We wanted to report on IMMX because it’s a new IPO in the biopharma sector and we want to explore their potential. The company announced that its shares began trading on the NASDAQ on December 16th and the IPO closed on December 20th with an offering of 4,200,000 shares of its common stock at a price of $5.00 per share, for gross proceeds of $21M.
The IPO is less that a month old and like often happens, the company shares declined over the first couple weeks to under $3.50/share. On January 3rd the company announced its lead product candidate, IMX-110 was granted Rare Pediatric Disease (RPD) designation by the Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of pediatric cancer.
IMMX shares more than doubled on the news, closed that day at $5.78/share and have remained near that price range since. A quick check of the IMMX stock chart will show the narrow range the shares have traded in for the past two weeks. Will the company value stay in this narrow range? I think not, I believe it’s going higher and what I say below is why.
Firstly, IMMX has a tiny share structure (7.5M outstanding and only 1.29M in the float) and insiders own 44.6% of the outstanding shares. Altium Capital Management is already in for an 8.27% stake. Competition for IMMX shares is intensifying.
As you read about the IMMX platform below, keep in mind that as of this writing, the company market value is less that $50M and compare that to other companies you know of with promising oncology treatments in development.
The second reason interest is growing in IMMX shares is their novel technology. IMMX is developing a new class of Tissue-Specific Therapeutics, or TSTx, which they believe will replace first-line therapies across a multitude of oncology indications.
That press release on January 3rd opened investor’s eyes to the IMMX cancer treatment technology. It’s new, novel, and quite amazing. As investor awareness grows, I believe the company will grow. To me, it seems like the FDA is already looking favorably toward the IMMX technology.
Their SMARxT Platform produces Tissue-Specific Therapies, which in cancer target all three components (1. cancer associated fibroblasts, 2. tumor-associated macrophages/immune cells, and 3. cancer itself), of the TME simultaneously, severing the critical lifelines between the tumor and its metabolic support.
You will learn more about the IMMX SMARxT Platform by visiting the resources I’ve listed below but, briefly, the IMMX technology starves a cancer tumor of the nutrients it needs to survive and grow, effectively killing it.
Just last Wednesday the company informed that “ImmixBio IMX-110 Produced 50% Positive Response Rate in First-Line-Therapy-Resistant Cancer, Surpassing the Standard of Care in Mice Study.” That 50% is an impressive positive response rate. The data was generated after 1 cycle of treatment as a monotherapy in first line-therapy-resistant cancer - soft tissue sarcoma (STS) mouse study. Clinical treatment for STS, is a $3 billion market expected to grow to $6.5 billion by 2030.
Just to underscore the significance of the animal study above, Doxorubicin, a cancer treatment that IMMX may compete with, one with over $1B in revenues, had a response rate of 0% after 1 cycle of treatment in the same study.
Watch this short video that describes the function of their IMX-110 product and review the presentation linked below to familiarize yourself with this new approach to cancer treatment. I’m certain that savvy investors are doing it.
In the chart below you can see the three products in development at IMMX. As a part of your due diligence, you can review the company presentation.

IMMX was incorporated in California in 2012 so they have been developing their technology for a while. They also have a wholly owned Australian subsidiary, Immix Biopharma Australia Pty Ltd., to conduct various pre-clinical and clinical activities for the development of product candidates.
The potential for growth in value at IMMX is not only likely, but I also believe it could be exponential. As you study their SMARxT Platform you may understand why the competition for that tiny 1.29M share float is getting competitive.
Stay tuned for our full report on IMMX.
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2022.01.18 13:09 Spirited-Ad-4213 [friendship] F 24

Hello, I always had a hard time maintaining friendships after I would go to another school or internship and the lockdowns did not help. so feel free to message me
I'm 24, Woman, I live in Holland
I like movies and tv shows, reading, traveling, music
I sometimes game on a PS4 but I have like 3 games and I'm not very good
in school to be a movie/tv producer
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2022.01.18 13:09 Alternative_Mode8017 the ole no music problem

I've got a 10 year old windows 7 pc with windows xp also which is the system I want to use to play AOE. I play it on a pc-cd.
I'm told that without an old fashioned disc drive you can't get the music to play from the disc but there are fixes.
They don't look very good though. One of them said that you have to press buttons on the keyboard to reset the music everytime it ends and that you cannot moderate the volume and it defaults to overly loud.
I want the authentic 1999 AOE experience, not 2012 or 2019 versions and I want the music to loop as it should and to be adjustable in the options menu as it should. I'm not resorting to playing a sound file on the desktop while I'm playing the game.
Is there a fix that can give me exactly what I want?
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2022.01.18 13:09 kyarinu Is 35k-40k a good offer for goth lolita?

I’m also look for rr corset and skirt, gothicute heels and corset, goth lolita cuffs and purse and Vamp tote
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2022.01.18 13:09 Proto_Fox This is definitely a big improvement compared to my other remixes! Spider Dance is a really hard song to play on piano lol.

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2022.01.18 13:09 OutlawSkullsClub Hey everyone, we just launched our socials and are doing almost daily sneak-peeks of our new NFT project

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2022.01.18 13:09 Practical-Candle-920 Simba as Midnight from My hero

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2022.01.18 13:09 Cstarr91 Podcast crossovers

I would really love to see Josh Scherer on the podcast as a guest. Like I've thought about it a lot. Going so far as to try and find possible food bastards for a crossover episode.
And it's got me wondering what over guests would you love to see on the show?
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2022.01.18 13:09 tequilitas My (f22) best friend (f21) is moving in with me, but has now gotten pregnant and wants us to raise the baby together

This is a Repost
OP is u/throwRAapartmentbaby/

TW: !>Abortion
So yeah I've rented a room in a great 4 bedroom apartment for the past year and since my two roommates both are moving out in August, I've been offered to rent the whole apartment which is a great opportunity and I've already asked my two best friends if they wanted to sublet the two other rooms and move in with me which they were both very excited to do.
My two current roommates aren't moved out yet and no lease has been signed either on my part or my two friends part, so it is still in the hypothetical. I've been transparent to my friends that it might fall through as my landlord might change his mind and just let me continue to rent the one room and not let anyone else move in as the building is going to be renovated once all renters have moved out.
My one friend, Indy, has an apartment of her own that she's comfortable in so she isn't depending on this to go through, even though my apartment is definitely better located and more spacious.
My other friend, Layla, still lives at home where she isn't in a rush to move out either so none of my friends would end up with nowhere to stay should this doesn't work out.
Layla is very excited and I've been excited with her, talking about how we each have a bit of money saved that could go towards improving the apartment and it's been great to have someone to dream with the past month
Now, things took a turn on Wednesday. Layla found out she's pregnant. She got tinder about 2 months ago and have been having some fun meeting new people and dating which is completely new territory for her. And so there are more than one option for a father, all of whom she isn't interested in involving. She's over the moon over this news and wants to keep the baby and raise it as a single mother. I personally think this is a terrible idea. She's only 21, she's not in university yet, only has a part time job of 4 hours a week and has a long history of depression and anxiety disorders (possibly borderline personality disorder or something like it, she's in treatment to find the right diagnosis), has never lived out of her parents home or taken care of herself at all. It's her decision and not mine though, and I will of course be there for her as I've known her for over 15 years and I lover her. She hasn't told her parents yet because they would flip out and she would like to be moved out before she does tell them. She wants to move into the apartment still, and raise the baby there with my friend and I. We met up Friday and she layed out this plan on how she could work until she knew what she wanted to do in terms of university, and my friend and I could babysit together, arranging it after our classes. She said we each could put our savings towards the baby as "we essentially would all be parents". I am just not okay with this at all. I feel like university is stressful and I don't have enough time as it is for my assignments without caring for a kid in my spare time. I am 22 and I also like doing 22 things like having friends over for a drink on Fridays and sleeping in on Sundays, having dates over and all that jazz. And having an infant in the apartment is just not something I see working out with my lifestyle. It's her choice to keep the baby but I don't think it's right to force my friend and I to be co parents with her. I think she has this romantic view of what its like to care for a small child, especially as a single, young mother with very little means and even though I love her, I'm not willing to sacrifice that amount of time and money on her decision to become a parent unexpectedly.
She's only 6 weeks along so it's not an immediate problem, but I feel like I can't let her move in now. Indy doesn't know yet, but I'm thinking she will have the same feelings as me about the situation. Layla has told a few of her friends I'm not very close with, about her plan as if it is definitely going to happen and they are very excited for her and kinda hyping her up and further painting an idyllic picture of how she is going to raise this kid in my apartment.
I just have no idea what to do right now. I don't know how I'm supposed to tell her that this is not going to work for me and she can't move in here with a baby. I didn't directly tell her I think it's insane for her to have a baby right now as this must be a tough and scary time for her and I didn't want to upset her too much. I did tell her I have concerns with how it would work out but she wasn't fazed at all. Should I tell her parents? Her mom is a very sweet and kind person who have always helped her but her dad is a different story and I don't know how he would react. I have considered talking to Indy about it and maybe figure out a way for us to tell her together, or something but yeah any advice or comments are appreciated! Thank you :)


So this was not a big post at all, but one or two people asked for an update if there were any and so here I am again.
For a quick recap: I am possibly going to rent the entire 4 bedroom apartment I currently sublet a room in sometime around SeptembeOctober and two of my best friends are moving in. My friend Layla has gotten pregnant and were planning to move in with me and have the three of us taking care of the baby, as physically and financially.
I took the advice someone gave to talk to my other future roommate Indy about it, and we both agreed that it was not something we wanted to do at all, and we decided to confront her about it together so she could understand it wasn't going to happen.
We got together at my place on Tuesday and had some tea. We just sat down and said that basically we were very worried about her and the scenario that she had in her head about us raising the baby together is just completely irresponsible and we don't want that at all. We decided to not lay out the whole thing about her mental health, job situation and all that because we didn't want it to feel like an attack on her but more just us setting some boundaries. She got really emotional and told us that she knew it was ridiculous but she was scared and in shock and really didn't know how to react or think straight. Apparently it wasn't even her idea to begin with but some of her other friends we don't know very well who came up with it and sorta pressured her to feel a certain way because they were extremely excited for her. She just said that she has been crying every day since she found out and she's so scared for the future and really just want everything to go back to normal. At that point we just said that we totally understand and we of course will be there for her no matter what she decides to do, but we really also felt that it would be a lot for her to be a mom under these circumstances.
So yeah. She decided getting an abortion would be the best thing for her. She said her initial reaction was to terminate the pregnancy but she had a lot if guilt associated with that as she has been brought up in a very conservative family I'd rather not hear anything about the morals of that decision, as I don't think that would really be helpful to the conversation. We told her that we would be with her every step of the way if she needed it, and so we both went with her to the doctors on Thursday to confirm she was pregnant and to find out the options. Since she is only 6 weeks pregnant she could get some pills to take over a 48 hour period and that would make the embryo detach. She got the first one at the hospital on Friday where we were there with her too, and then they both stayed over at my place the whole weekend for the rest of it since her parents still doesn't know and she didn't want to tell them. My roommate is conveniently on holiday with some of her friends for the rest of the week so we had the whole place to ourselves and nothing to explain to anyone. She took the other pill yesterday and everything seems to be going smoothly, she just has a heavy period basically, which coincidentally ligned up with both Indys and mine (TMI sorry) so we have all been laying in my bed with heating pads and Netflix being a little miserable together, but things are going well and the pain have not been too much for just regular painkillers. There has been some crying, lots of hugs and long talks and walks in the forrest and I feel like things are going to be okay. They're both staying here until my roommate gets back so she can get through this in a comfy environment without having to pretend nothing is wrong.
So yeah, it seems like the plan of moving in together is back on as originally planned, and everything will be okay. Layla was offered some counseling at the hospital about getting through an abortion and the feelings about it which she is starting some time next week.
Thank you so so much for the people who gave me advice when I needed it. This outcome is better than I could have imagined and I wouldn't have thought of doing it this way if it wasn't for you guys so thank you ❤❤
This got a lot more attention than I thought it would, given that my original post had 7 upvotes and 9 comments, so a bit of an overwhelming read this morning, but thank you to everyone for commenting, I've read them all and I'm very moved by the overwhelming positivity! It feels really nice to know that you guys think we made the right call in going about it this way, and it means a lot to me that you think we are good friends ❤
I figured I'd just respond to some of the main comments/questions that I've received a lot so its all just here at the top.
So first off about getting an STI test; she already had that as part of the initial examination and she was all clear thank God!
Second about getting birth control, then she was apparently using condoms, which I didn't know when I made the original post, so correction there. Birth control pills are not an option as they don't react well with the particular type of medication she is already on.
About her other friends, the ones who came up with the idea of us raising the baby together; a lot of people commented on how shitty friends they are, and I agree which is why they aren't my friends. Layla still likes them but she wants some distance. They have all grown up in the same church environment so I think she excuses their behavior because of that. They don't see abortion as an option so I think they were just trying to comfort her and look for a solution, though out of touch with reality. A lot of people suggested to tell them she had a miscarriage but we decided that telling them it was just a false pregnancy would be better because knowing them I would be worried that they might throw a memorial party or something of the sort for her and I just don't think that would be helpful at all. We've written a draft for the group text she has with them but I think she will wait a bit to send it out. Indy and I are just staying silent on the matter, I don't feel like it is my story to tell or not tell and I wouldn't be comfortable lying about it, so as far as we are concerned, she just had a false positive pregnancy test and that's all we know.
Someone brought up about health insurance and if it would be possible that her parents could find out that way, but we live in a country with a free health care system so that was thankfully not a concern.
And lastly; some people brought up that she shouldn't move in because she sounds unreliable and irresponsible. I will definitely agree that she was out of touch with reality for a while there but seeing how difficult of a time this has been for her I really don't blame her at all. I would probably have done something equally crazy if I was in that position. I have probably also made her sound a bit worse than she is because I was pretty annoyed with her when I wrote the first post. She is normally a very responsible and reliable and I trust her completely with moving in as I wouldn't have asked her in the first place if I didn't think she could find a job and pay rent, just I did not think she would be able to do that with a child too.
On just a final note; I didn't really want to have the morals of the decision to terminate the pregnancy discussed but I guess that's inevitable. I'm surprised by the number of people being supportive and finding comfort in the way we went about it and talking about their own experiences. That makes me happy to see. To the people who disagree then I'm not going to have that discussion. It's not my choice to make or to decide between right and wrong and if you want to judge me or my friends for making the choices we thought to be right then you can just go ahead and do that.
To everyone wishing us the best I wish you the best right back and I'll make sure to give her hugs from all of you ❤
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2022.01.18 13:09 bogbunzhun A note from a student to a teacher

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2022.01.18 13:09 matswain Cyre 1313 in Ravenloft

I recently finished reading VRgtR, and one of the domains of dread it describes is the last lightning rail train out of Cyre on the day of the mourning. It’s an interesting one, and seemed like something easy to miss.
Everyone onboard is undead but doesn’t realize it. The nature of ravenloft makes it easy to not notice things sometimes.
I’m planning to incorporate it into my campaign which is taking place on Toril (Forgotten Realms), but I have a dragonmarked NPC that I always had as a mystery of what the dragonmark is (PCs have seen it, but just think it’s a tattoo) and where she came from.
I decided to have it be that she was on Cyre 1313, saw the mourning happening, coming out of the center of the capital like a wave, and she threw up a sphere of invulnerability around herself as it hit. The sphere kept her alive as the mourning killed the others and they were pulled into ravenloft by the mists. She woke up on the train and it took her a while to figure out that they were traveling endlessly through the mists because the passage of time is hard to notice sometimes. Eventually she figured it out, and then that the others were all undead. She finally jumped off the train into the mists and ended up waking up in one of the other domains. She eventually joined the carnival because it didn’t seem so bad. One day the carnival ended up traveling to the city where our campaign is centered on Toril, and when she realized that she was out of ravenloft she left the carnival and stayed there. She’s lived in fear that the mists are going to come take her again ever since.
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2022.01.18 13:09 coltonkotecki1024 I think I watched this at least 20 times

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