How can move Bandit Ui stats?

2022.01.18 13:37 Xavolich How can move Bandit Ui stats?

How can move Bandit Ui stats? How can i move the boss healtbar, my bars and the buffs ?
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2022.01.18 13:37 CaptainEmmy Yeah, it's okay to take a sick day for Covid (or any other illness) even when virtual

I'm pretty sure I have Covid, as in symptoms and recently discovered exposure checks out, and I'm getting tested proper today.
I'm a virtual teacher and while I'm not top shipshape well, my current condition isn't awful, I'm withit, and figured I'd save myself a sick day and teach anyway.
Started sniffling and hacking in the middle of a live synchronous lesson, then my voice gave out.
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2022.01.18 13:37 MARTINELECA Peugeot Development Work Ongoing

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2022.01.18 13:37 Melodic-Park-7775 Is it worth it to level up SSR vs focusing on UR+/UR cards?

Hi! I'm pretty new to the game and only have a few UR+ and UR cards. I have no UR+/UR cards for lust and sloth and I'm not sure if I'll be able to get any in the near future. I was wondering if it would be better for me to just level up an SSR sloth and lust card or just focus on my UR+ and UR cards to advance in the story.
Thanks in advance and I wish everyone luck in all their draws :D
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2022.01.18 13:37 femboyforfuns I want to see what you get off to

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2022.01.18 13:37 Quick-Wolverine-9379 Try Pompeet low cap gem

Pancakeswap 0x68e7A9430251C3239DD17EEC21c8b38D8F86F115 It's got huge potential
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2022.01.18 13:37 Braultjulien This new mechanic is just insane!

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2022.01.18 13:37 Office-Scary More than one sub posting about this.

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2022.01.18 13:37 Gilles_from_Paris NINA HAGEN "WOMAN'S WOMAN" (unreleased) LIVE LORELEY FESTIVAL 12/08/1979...

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2022.01.18 13:37 wahsgood UK to Phuket, How do I get vaccination certificate and proof of recovery certificate?

I can’t find any information on this. Is the “vaccination certificate” just our NHS Covid pass? The PDF copy or something? And in the instance of needing proof of recovery is that just the NHS Covid pass too? If you say it is, do you have a source? Any help appreciated. Thanks
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2022.01.18 13:37 Glazty Kickstand for E-TWOW GT SE?

Hey everyone! I was wondering where could I find the kickstand for my scooter as it broke apart. Will this one work?
or is there a generic one that I can use? thank you so much
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2022.01.18 13:37 lizbird101 I need some help

My parents have always been quite supportive but now that I'm getting a little older I'm seeing some patterns and I'm not quite sure if they're toxic or not and how I should respond if they are toxic.

  1. I am finishing up a big assignment that took me a lot of time. Like a lot of time. My school cut me some slack on the final things so that I could get my diploma. My parents tried to help me out but now I think my dad is trying to guilt trip me into finishing it. He's told me that he and my mom lay awake at night with stress, that I stress them out so much I can't even imagine, and I'm basically the reason my mom is overworked.
  2. I am a chubby girl. Not quite fat, not quite skinny. Every time I complain about how difficult it is for me to find clothes, the first response is always that I should lose weight. I can't talk about wanting to get healthy because it's always heard as wanting to become skinny which is not what I want. This has been going on since I was 12 and I was very skinny at that age. I am 23 now.
  3. When I went to a therapist last year, which they did pay for, they wanted to go to her first to explain my problems for me. At the time I had no problems with it but now it feels weird. They also did not believe me when I told them I was doing much better and was about to have my final appointment with my therapist, which she signed off on as well.
  4. Apparently, I can't do chores. My dad always has to have some kind of negative feedback about my cleaning. From dishwashing to washing the toilet or sweeping. It's never good and it's never clean. It has gotten so bad that I despise having to do chores because I know it'll never be good enough.
  5. When my mom told us she was getting overworked I asked if she was going to see a therapist but she said she didn't need it. My dad also thinks it doesn't work while they have sent me to see 3 different therapists in the past five years.
Thing is, they do support me in what I do but I feel like their priorities are more important than mine. The feeling that I should move out gets bigger and bigger every day and I'm just not sure if this is just me or if there's more going on.
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2022.01.18 13:37 unomas49 Replace front 1cd case to 4cd case

Hi all, can replace the frontal and back panel of 1-CD case to a 4-CD case? Thanks.
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2022.01.18 13:37 NOLA_Dragon504 Fresh in from Coco: Jordan 1 Low Fragment Design x Travis Scott

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2022.01.18 13:37 math_debates Need info regarding getting steroid injections in hips

I'm 42m, lumbar spinal fusions @ l5 s 1 with with hardware, some nerve damage, now they say I show signs of degen disk and another herniated disk. Really bad sciatica... Etc.
Anyway I've done ESI's and they were worthless for me, but had a doctor inject 3 shots into each hip. They crushed my sciatic pain and gave me relief in lower back like I haven't had in years.
I believe the shots consisted of lidocaine, cortisone, and toradol. I want to ask my current doctor if she could do these for me, but am unsure if those were the drugs used. Also curious if these are called a piriformis injections, or another name and how to ask for them.
Also would it be inappropriate to ask my doctor to do them herself and not her nurse or anyone? Do I have the drug combo right and is there anything that may be more effective?
My legs feel so heavy and achy, and stabbing pain through my left hip. I often get strange sensations in my legs that make me feel insane like my lower right will sometimes feel like cool and wet inside (which I'm sure makes zero sense). I definitely got legit long lasting relief last from the last round and could use it again. Any insight or information you guys could offer and how often can I use such injections?
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2022.01.18 13:37 Valyrei Back Light Color

Hey, so I have an Anne Pro 2 keyboard, Obviously, and I can change like the color of the key board, but an issue I have is the back light color, I use Breathing Single Key so when I press a key it lights to my desired colors, but I have the backlight on (which i do want on) the issue is that its green. I really dont like the green with the pink lights but the backlight being on helps me see with my poor vision.
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2022.01.18 13:37 ZoolShop Goldman Sachs' Earnings Missed Estimates. Why the Stock May Be Near Bottom.

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2022.01.18 13:37 Own-Bodybuilder-1091 🟥🟧🟨🟩قتل مدیر ساختمان و اتش زدن جسدش متهم ردیف دوم [ پرونده جدید ]🟩🟨🟧🟥

🟥🟧🟨🟩قتل مدیر ساختمان و اتش زدن جسدش متهم ردیف دوم [ پرونده جدید ]🟩🟨🟧🟥 submitted by Own-Bodybuilder-1091 to yekparvandeh [link] [comments]

2022.01.18 13:37 Cpreacy Should I keep pursuing this or just end it?

I (M20) have been talking to this girl (F18) for a month now. I met her at work about 4 months ago and asked her out on a date last month. We’ve been on 3 dates (I know it’s not a lot but we’re both busy) and we text each other everyday and see each other at work on the weekends.
I really like her and she says she is interested in me and what we can potentially be. Right now we’re taking it slow because she’s never met someone that has shown interest in her first and has actually been respectful to her so she wants to do it right. We’re both Introverts if that helps. She tells me that she knows that she’s complicated and confusing (she doesn’t like to text during the day and mostly at night to ask me how my day was and she always texts me first) (we also haven’t done anything intimate or physical at all) and she really appreciates me and it makes her feel comfortable and I’m fine with all of that.
The only problem is that she is going away to college in august. She is going to dorm there and probably quit the job we both work at. The college is 30 minutes away from my house which doesn’t really feel like a lot and my college is 20 minutes away from her. Even though it’s not a long distance I don’t really know if she would want to continue what we have since she will meet so many people at college.
So I’m just wondering if I should just end things so I don’t get hurt in the future when she’s at college. I’m just conflicted because I don’t want to get hurt but I also want to see what this could be. I also don’t want to pressure her into being in a relationship with me because she wants to take it slow, but I don’t want to invest so much and get hurt in the end when she leaves and maybe I should end it now. I know that would hurt her for me to end things because she’s told a lot of personal stuff and values what we have now, but I also have to protect myself because you never know with someone.
I just don’t really know what to do anymore, I feel like I’m going back and forth here
Tldr; should I keep pursuing this relationship or end it with someone who’s going off to college
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2022.01.18 13:37 brad1242 Debating Selling WR250X for CRF450RL - upgrade or downgrade for road riding?

Hello all, after years of wanting a supermoto, I bought a WR250X a while back and as you all know, its stupid fun. My last bike was 1000cc so obviously I find the WR250X way down on power, but its great around town. The one time I had it on the highway I legitimately thought I might die. After putting heavier Shinko 705's on it, I haven't been back on the highway, but I think I'd have to be basically pinned to keep up at 75mph in the right lane.
I find that I have the most fun offroad, and am wanting to hit some local MX tracks in the future (not to race, just to ride for fun), so am looking at selling the WRX, but I still want something I can ride around town, and preferably something that I can hop on the highway for a few exits without feeling like I'm completely out of power at 70mph. How is the CRF450L / CRF450RL on the highway? Does it feel like it has more headroom than the WR? I know plenty of people say the WR does fine on the highway, but I don't agree with that - I find it barely adequate for any kind of highway stint, or anything over 60-65mph tops, in my experience.
I've considered the KTM EXC 500 / Husky 501 as well, but they're considerably more expensive, and I've heard the CRF450RL is better on the road. I know maintenance requirements are somewhat similar between the two, but the CRF will likely be a bit less with the 3 ring piston - I'm more interested in the CRF for cost and supposed reliability, as well as a slight more road-focus.
I guess my main question is, will a CRF450L / RL feel considerably more powerful on the road, and be able to cruise at 75mph without being pinned / screaming (for no more than 30 mins at a time, max), or do I really need to be looking at like a KTM 690 to have any kind of highway ability? Which is then not much better than a WR250 on an MX track... hence looking at the CRF450RL as a tweener. Thanks!
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2022.01.18 13:37 Piqued_In_You 37 [M4F] Adventure Awaits

Hello! I’m up for an adventure. I’m a seemingly regular human on the east coast US seeking solace in a fellow strange-bird.
Professional, handsome, prefers to connect with longer-term in mind.
Send me a message with your Kik and maybe a little about yourself. I hope we resonate.
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2022.01.18 13:37 snootypoodlepoo Family history of santa monica

Hello everyone!
I’m a genealogist & I am trained in discovering local California family lineages and stories through historical records.
LINK TO INTEREST FORM: Family History Interest Form
This is the interest form I put together for anyone interested in learning more about their California family history. I research & create family trees, historical road trip itineraries, ancestral maps, etc! It’s a super cool way to connect with your own history and great knowledge pass down to future generations.
Here are some things you can discover from my research:

If you are interested, please view the interest form at the top with some examples. 🙂Instagram w/ reviews: heritage.hunters
If you have any questions, please feel free to send me a message! For those of you with ancestry outside of California, please send me a message. I’d be happy to help you or direct you to a better suited genealogist. Thanks!
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2022.01.18 13:37 TheKaChikinBoi What do you think was the best car from the 1990’s?

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2022.01.18 13:37 Zima_Blu_ me_irl

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2022.01.18 13:37 damon163 I might go over my monthly internet data limit this month. Do they still do the one month free a year for overage? I have never gone over in the 6+ years I have had internet.

See above.
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